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The Heroes Series, part two: Šeherzada Delić

In one ballad, Bosnia was a name of a weeping shepherdess in an orchard whose sheep had scattered and where hay had burst to flames by a sudden thunder. The poetic tragedy is matched by an equally haunting fact that Bosnia & Herzegovina, with her war-stricken population of 4 million, is overcoming its internal warzones and facing the future with an uneasy burden of 60% of its young being unemployed. Perhaps even more striking and tragic is the truth that 200,000 of her people remain illiterate. The levels of corruption remain staggeringly high. And the universal capitalist corollary is truer now in Bosnia than ever: the rich are getting richer. The poor are digging beyond rock-bottom. One woman has recently done an incredibly sobering act of delivering an uncompromising lesson to the Bosnian parliament. In this instalment of The Heroes Series, we celebrate her courage.

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The Heroes Series: Luka Mesec

So this is when I actually take up what I’ve been wanting to do for over a year now. I came across some bloody impressive folks in the last couple of years, even months, who need mentioning and celebrating. They all share a capacity to inspire while retaining a huge chunk of humility and humanity. It’s this group of people that deserve to be listed and this is what The Heroes Series is about, celebrating a collection of brave people that have restored and reinforced (my own) hope for the future. Our first entry is a political one, in light of the July 13th parliamentary elections in Slovenia.

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