Constance Iloh, a grad student at USC, has recently blogged about an embarrassingly true typology of PhD students. I found out about this via Times Higher Education’s tweet.

Iloh recognised an initial class of five types:

  • The “Oh You Study That? I Do Too!” Ph.D. Student
  • The “I am a Successful Procrastinator” Ph.D. Student
  • The “I am Kind of a Big Deal” Ph.D. Student
  • The “Tired and Uninspired” Ph.D. Student
  • The “I Love Critiquing but I Hate Creating” Ph.D. Student

She’s got a very exhaustive post, which is both entertaining and embarrassing, as you just may find out who you really are. Find the original post here.

The link to the original post has been broken and I can’t retrieve the original page. My thanks to Rashmica Gupta for noticing the hyperlinkcrack.

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